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Moving with Dacorum


Welcome to Moving with Dacorum,

Dacorum Borough Council's housing register and property bidding website.

General needs properties are advertised on Moving with Dacorum when they become available. 

Sheltered properties will be advertised every week, from Thursday to the following Monday.

If you are registered and active on our housing register you can bid for those properties that are suitable for the size of your household.

This website also gives you information about your housing options and the housing advice services that we provide.

Please use to links below for more information.

Renewing your housing register application

Bidding cycles

Farm Place Local Letting Plan

Changes to the way we check your information

Changes to the way we allocate adapted properties

New Applicants

Currently renting from a private landlord?

Is your contact information up to date?

What happens after bidding closes?

More information and how to use the site.

Google Street View




Renewing your housing register application


All housing register applicants are being asked to renew their housing register application.  This is to make sure we have all your correct details and we know of any changes to your circumstances.

You will be asked to renew when you log on to Moving with Dacorum account. If you do not renew your application within 28 days of us asking you to, it will be suspended and you will not be able to place any bids. The renewal process will take place during May 2015. Not everyone will be asked to renew on the same day, but everyone will be asked by the end of May, so please make sure you log into your housing register application regularly. This applies for both active and deferred applicants.




Bidding cycles

Dacorum Borough Council is making some changes to the way we advertise properties on Moving with Dacorum. All properties, except sheltered properties, will now be added to Moving with Dacorum and advertised when they become available. This means that there will no longer be a weekly cycle.

Properties will continue to be allocated to the person with the highest points who bids. It will not make any difference what time or day you bid on the property, as long as the property is open for bidding. Bidding does not work on a first come, first served basis and the change in bidding cycle does not affect how the Council shortlists.

Properties will be placed on Moving with Dacorum for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 5 days. This means that you will have to check the website more frequently to see what properties are available. There is no limit to the number of bids you can place in one week.

The last weekly cycle for general needs properties will end on Monday 9 February 2015 and this change will take effect from Tuesday 10 February 2015.

Having a continuous bidding will improve the time it takes to advertise and allocate properties, which means the Council will be able to house customers more quickly.

These changes do not apply to sheltered properties. Sheltered properties will continue to be advertised on Thursday until Monday every week. The weekly property newsletter will also continue to be sent out to everyone who has requested it.




Farm Place Local Lettings Plan

As all the properties for Farm Place will be advertised within a short period of time, it is important to try and create a sustainable community from day one. Local Lettings Plans are used to do this. The information below lays out the local letting plan for Farm Place and the reasoning behind the restrictions.

26 properties:

6 x 3 bedroom houses

8 x 2 bedroom flats

12 x 1 bedroom flats

  • 50% of all children in the flats must be over 10 years old

Reason: This is to help provide a balance of tenants and tenants’ needs and demands on the communal space. For example, this would avoid a situation where all the children in the building require a pushchair, which takes up space getting in and out of the building, even with management tools such as a clear landing policy in place.

  • One bedroom properties to be occupied by couples in at least 50% of allocations

 Reason: To encourage diversity of tenants.

  • One bedroom properties to be occupied by tenants over 25 years old in at least 75% of allocations. However at least one One bedroom property be let to a tenant under the age of 25 years.

Reason: To encourage diversity of tenants. It is often the case that the applicants with a one bedroom need and the highest points (and so are in the greatest housing need) an example of this would be care leavers and young people who need to move on from supporting lodgings or shared accommodation to live independently at 18 years of age. Whilst their housing need is high, allowing the majority of one bedroom properties to be allocated to customers who are living alone for the first time may place these clients in a vulnerable situation. The best outcome for vulnerable young people is to move on into a diverse community and live with people who have had different experiences from them.

  • Good neighbourhood agreement

Reason: This encourages a pro-active approach to being a good neighbour.  





Changes to the way we check your information

We have made some changes to the way we check the details of customers who are bidding on Moving With Dacorum, so we may be contacting you before we have an offer for you. We have started contacting customers who are active, bidding and have a reasonable chance of receiving an offer within the next six months. The chance of any active applicant being made an offer will depend on how regularly bids are placed and the types and location of properties bid on.

We are checking your documents and circumstances earlier, so that if you come to the top of a shortlist, we already have everything we need to make you an offer. Getting this information ready earlier will prevent us having to skip you on a shortlist because you were not able to get all your documents together in time. We are trying hard to keep the time properties are empty to a minimum. This means that if we do make you an offer, you will need to be ready to attend a viewing and move at short notice.

The documents we usually need to see include;

  • Photo I.D
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of local connection
  • Proof of income and savings
  • Proof that you are receiving Child Benefit for your children and
  • Proof of your circumstances. For example, if you have points because you are overcrowded, we will need to see proof of address for everyone you live with.




New Applicants 

In order to complete an application, please fill in the Online Application form.  You will need to create a login to Moving with Dacorum first and this login will not create an application.

When completing your application please give complete information, and include details of anything you would like us to consider.  We can only assess your application based on the information provided.

Once your application has been processed by our Housing Advice Officers you will be able to bid for properties. You will receive confirmation of your registration and points total by letter.

Make sure that if required you could evidence your circumstances with formal documentation and attendance at a home visit.

If you apply to the housing register and start bidding for properties without being able to evidence your circumstances, you will be overlooked for any properties that you may have been shortlisted for.

Every week, from Thursday to the following Monday, you will be able to see the properties available for bidding. You can place three bids per week.




Currently renting from a private landlord?

If you are currently renting in the private sector we will ask your current landlord to provide a reference. If your landlord is slow to provide this reference we may have to overlook you on a shortlist. We advise that you tell your landlord that you are on the housing register and that the council will be approaching them for a reference at some point. You can then request that when approached they complete the reference as swiftly as possible.

If your landlord is a council or housing association then we will make contact directly to request a reference. There are not normally any delays in receiving these references.




Is your contact information up to date?

Have you recently changed your mobile number, set up a new email address or even moved home? Then you need to update your housing application. If we are not able to contact you when you are successful for bidding for a property, you will be over looked for that property.

You can update you details by logging into your account, click on the link the left hand side of the screen called "My Housing Application" this will open a page giving details about your current application including how many points you have been allocated. Half way down this page is a section called "Update Your Application" which includes a link which when clicked will take you to the appropriate page to update your application.

Or follow this link




What happens after bidding closes?

Once an advert closes for a property, a shortlist of all those who have bid for that accommodation is created. The council does not run a "first come first served" process for allocating properties but instead allocates to the individual with highest housing needs, as shown by the points they have. Therefore the person at the top of the short list will be the bidder with the highest points, not the first person to bid on the property.

The allocating officer will then check to make sure the person at the top of the register is indeed eligible for the property and that it would meet their needs. Once this has been verified, the allocating officer will check the applicant's documents and circumstances to make sure they are still correct.

Applicants who have provided relevant documentation will be given two days to provide it. If the documentation is not provided within this time frame they will be skipped, of this property and potentially future properties until the documentation is provided. The verification process will then start again for the second person on the short list.

If all the documents are correct and the applicant’s circumstances have not changed, an offer will be made to the applicants.



More Information

If you want to know more about Moving with Dacorum please click on the “About Us” page.

If you would like advice on using this web service please click on the “How to use the Service” page

To view the properties in Dacorum click on the word Property Search in the above menu bar. You can place three bids per week.

If you are interested in other housing options or want some advice on how Moving with Dacorum works, you can telephone us on 01442 228 000, or email us through

Or why not check out our new pages at which will tell you about these options plus some other new services we offer.




Google Street View

Google street view is a new service that allows people to look at and around areas in Dacorum. We thought it might be useful for you if you want to see the area around a property you are interested in


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