I am a homeless applicant - can I bid? 

  • If you have not yet had a homeless decision you are able to bid for accommodation. 
  • However, once you receive your homelessness decision, you may not be able to bid -  depending on the outcome.

I have received a Main Duty Decision from the Council, why can’t I bid? 

  • If you have received a Main Duty decision from the Council, you will be placed onto the Council’s Direct Offer list.

I have had my homelessness prevented or relieved, why can’t I bid? 

  • If you have had your housing situation either prevented or relieved to suitable accommodation that is available to you for at least six months, in most cases you are no longer considered to have a housing need, and therefore are not entitled to be active on the housing register.
  • This may not apply if you are staying at a Hostel, Supported Accommodation such as a Younger Persons hostel or Move-on accommodation.

I am homeless, and have a support need and require assistance - can you help?

  • Yes, if you have a support need and find that you are homeless, please speak to a homelessness prevention officer or a housing needs officer. They can give advice on obtaining a referral for additional support and assistance.

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, please contact the Homeless Team as soon as possible by completing a Triage Assessment. Please login/register and then complete a Homelessness Application - Triage Assessment. Alternatively, you can call 01442 228000 and ask for 'Homeless Prevention'. 

To get an idea of your next steps based upon your personal circumstances, please use the self-service tool.

If you are a homeless applicant with the Council and would like more information, please contact your homelessness prevention officer. You can email homelessnessprevention@dacorum.gov.uk or call 01442 228000 and ask for 'Homeless Prevention'.