When shortlisting for village properties, applicants must meet the Local Connection to the borough. To be considered for an additional village connection, applicants must meet one of the below criteria:

My family lives in a village – do I get a local connection to that village?

You have local connection to the village if you meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • You have at any point in your life lived within that village for five years or more.
  • Your immediate family currently live within that village and have done so for the past ten years or more.
  • You are currently in permanent employment within the village boundary, consisting of 16 hours a week or more, and which has been continuous for at least the past 24 months.

Which villages in Dacorum have council homes that give priority to applicants with local connection?

  • Aldbury, Bovingdon, Chipperfield, Flaunden, Flamstead, Great Gaddesden, Gaddesden Row, Kings Langley, Little Gaddesden, Long Marston, Markyate, Northchurch, Potten End, Wilstone and Wigginton

Do I get priority to a village property, even if I have lower points?

  • Yes – local connection to a village will be given priority even if your points are lower than the highest bidder on a shortlist.